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A Guide to Choose the Right Curtains | Homithings |


Curtains are of different types. They come in many different lengths & widths to fit any window. Curtains fabrics depend on your choice and needs. They can be sheer or blackouts depending on your needs. They bring life to our home. So let’s begin with our tips to choose the right curtain for your living room.                                                                             

 1. Budget-Friendly:

First, decide what’s best for your home& how it appears after placement. Then move on to budget. For that, you have two options Tailored& Ready made curtains. Tailored curtains cost more. However, ready to hang curtains are available in a variety of colors, designs, and quality & are less expensive than tailored curtains.

2. Choosing the right Color:

Most people choose light colors but I suggest you dig into this matter for a change & pop up your living room with soft &vibrant colors. But keep in mind it should sync with your furnishings.

3. Selecting the right fabric type:

Selecting high-quality fabric becomes easy by asking yourself what the room requires. For a soft look go for lightweight curtains but for privacy, light-blocking, heat & sound resistance Blackouts curtains are the best option.

4. Maintenance for long-lasting curtain life

Last but not least maintenance is the main factor for curtains' shelf life. Some curtains like curtains with pleats/swags require high maintenance while others like cotton, synthetic fabric curtains are either washed or dry cleaned twice.

Pro Tip ‘’Be brave & explore a variety of available online options  to purchase’’

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for a wide range of curtains considering budget, fabric, and quality maintenance all in one for you to ensure the Best yet trendy in your hands with no regrets.


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